Devon Alexander-Juan Urango 140lb unification

This is my round-by-round blog on the fight as I saw it live.

DA = Devon Alexander
JU = Juan Urango

Is that self explanitory? Yes.  But people never cease to amaze me!

Round 1: DA good right. Uppercut shortly after for DA. Another good uppercut for DA. JU is doing nothing. JU great right hand, jelly legged DA.

10-9 Alexander

Round 2: JU rushing DA to start round, good shots to the body. DA working jab, not too many land, but they are keeping JU out of range. JU with several good body shots. Very good right cross by DA. Another good overhand right for DA. Cut was opened up on JU at some point in the round.

10-9 Alexander

Round 3: JU rushing at the start again. DA is working in many more combinations. Great right for DA. JU’s cut now bleeding down the left side of his face. JU is imposing his style more, DA falling into trading instead of using the jab and movement.

10-9 Alexander

Round 4: More trading now. JU is drawing DA into a small slugfest now. Some beautiful counters for DA. More great countering by DA. JU doing a lot of bullrushing in with his head down and flailing. JU getting frustrated.

10-9 Alexander

Round 5: DA re-establishing his jab at start of round. Good body work against the ropes for JU. Good short right for DA. JU starting to run in on DA again. DA blocks most of the barrage. DA is dodging most of JU’s punches now.

10-9 Alexander

Round 6: DA very active. JU landing some hard body shots. Great right by JU. Now good uppercut for JU. JU becoming a bit wild. JU working the body very good this round. Two good combinations during last 10 seconds for JU.

10-9 Urango

Round 7: Great right by JU jelly legged DA. JU landing more and more power punches. DA not moving much defensively, looking a little winded. Good three punch combo inside 10 seconds for JU.

10-9 Urango

Round 8: FABULOUS uppercut by DA floors JU. Blood pouring out of JU’s nose. Two punch combo by DA floors JU again. Ref gives 8 count and then waives off the fight at 1:12.

The first knockdown looks even more fabulous during the replays. Simply fantastic uppercut by Alexander.

TKO victory for Devon Alexander, now the Unified 140lb champion!

After the fight in the interview with Max Kellerman, Alexander says he would most definitely beat Timothy Bradley.  I like you kid, but let’s not get too crazy.  Take another fight before Bradley if you know what’s good for you.

That’s just my personal opinion.

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